27 Maret 2009

The Library

Hello friends My name’s Adi. Now we are in the library. This is our school library. It is big building . if has two floors, that is the ground floor and the first floor. If you go upstairs, you will see a lot of magazines and newspapers. Here, on this floor you can read many kinds of books. The reading room is over there. It is very large. There are always a lot of students sometimes comes to this reading room.

Look, the there girls are my friends, Cinta, Nony, and Dona. They are looking for books. And boy is also my friend, Dony. He wants to go upstairs. The librarian is sitting on her chair. She is very busy with her work. Her name’s Mrs Santi. She is very kind. She always helps everybody. She is typing a membership card for a new member. When we want to borrow a book or a magazine, we have to show our membership card.

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